Drainolith, “You Paid For It”

Nothing stops moving, ever, in this video for "You Paid For It" by Drainolith, a.k.a Alexander Moskos, formerly of AIDS Wolf. The motion is slightly nauseating; if you are watching this HD, in a dark room, you might be consumed by the motion and brought inside the screen for questioning. Amongst spare instrumentation, Bastien's human forms chew, mutter, and gasp through what appears to be some sort of breathing gooey silvered honeycomb. A gap-toothed mouth appears, hovering in the center of this visual mass, and pumps out the chorus: "You Paid For It. Now You Gotta Wait For It," which is threatening enough, even without the visuals. Bubbles appear, then disappear, and globs of video are thrown around like Nickelodeon Gak, attaching themselves to the screen just long enough for you to know you don't want to touch them.

Drainolith's LP Fighting! is out now on Spectrum Spools.