Early Riser, "Find Me For The Waltz"

Post Author: Andre G

Before fun facts about a music artist were a tweet or clickbait headline away, there was VH1’s pop-up video. The endearingly kitschy program bolstered ’90s music videos with insightful nuggets about the artists, directors, or any other relevant aspects of the visuals. Upcoming Brooklyn folk pop duo Early Riser breathed new life into the concept with “Fact Bubble Video,” a hilarious re-imagining for their “Find Me For The Waltz” video.
In the midst of their optimistic tune about making the most of solo status, we learn about vocalist Kiri Oliver’s stellar debate skills, the history of the Waltz, and speculation about Iggy Azalea and Orlando Bloom. The video was directed by Drew Kaufman, with an apparent assist by one of the duo’s dogs.
“Find Me For The Waltz”is the second single from Early Riser’s debut Currents album which is currently out on Anchorless/A-F records. You you can listen to Currents here.