Echos, “Say It”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Portland’s Echos are revving up for their first EP, after winning the world over with an impressive slew of cover songs. The project – made up of the multi-talented Tal Richards and Lexi Norton – is set to release their debut self-titled EP on August 26th. We’ve got the track and video for their newest single, “Say It”.

Faint radio sounds. A sketch artist capturing a gorgeous redhead’s features. A coffee shop, same artist taking photos of this woman. In a park, in their home, everything is a work of art. This video is a love story, dedicated to everyone who ever had that string of movie montage moments with their love interest. Some might view it as a hipster romance, as this couple scans through racks of vinyl, so talented and artful that it almost hurts. But it’s gorgeous, as the most beautiful voice – Lexi Norton’s – floods through the speakers and narrates their story. “My legs are weak, from trying to reach you / My body moves, in languages only you can speak in / My heart aches for your touch when I’m sleeping / I feel you move, and distance is worth keeping.”

But then things look stressful, sad, and we’re now exposed to the relationship without the rose colored lenses of new love. Looking back on that love lost, emotions running wild.

I respect and admire this video because it shows the bittersweet side to a really healthy and vibey relationship. The majority of relationships end, and it’s difficult to process and to address those moments. But Echos – in efforts with Robert Anthony and Stripes Agency – has chosen to go down this path, and it’s nothing less than beautiful.

Echos’ self titled EP is out October 3rd. It is available for preorder now.