Familiar Wild, “War”

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Familiar Wild creates dreamy tracks that induce images of their home surroundings– dark nights, looming rainclouds, and nostalgia for something brighter. With deep electro-synth influences, the band creates a tribe-like atmosphere. It’s no surprise that their biography begins with “The tame sing like wolves.”

In their latest video for track “War,” the band experiments with hollow vocals against bare accompaniment, leaving the listener to fully digest the core of the track. The video is dark and creates a Twin Peaks-esque mood, as if we are searching the night for answers. Three dancers encompass the visual aspect, maneuvering through elegant explanations of frustration and confusion. “And we waste all this time/with our hearts in our minds” sings Melissa Bandura, elaborating on the song’s motif of confrontation and its deep roots. “War” is an exclamation of just that– a battle between ourselves, interlaced with epiphany.

Familiar Wild’s latest album Things We Forgot is available now via Bandcamp.