FEATURETTE, “Procession”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Since the release of their two CRAVE EPS, Toronto’s electronic indie-pop duo FEATURETTE – comprised of Lexie Jay (vocals) and Jon Fedorsen (drums, production) – has been hard at work preparing to re-release the works as an LP, and getting ready for their major performance on October 15th with Indie88 at the MOD Club in Toronto. Leading up to such a big moment in their career, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the music video for their track “Procession”.

One thing to note is that this video was made to be a part of the narrative that was started with the “Broken” video. To receive the full effect of the artful performance piece, I would watch them in tandem.

Simple chords on a keyboard, the both of them sitting in black chairs in front of a white backdrop. Glitter. Lexie sings lightly, simply, light as a feather, while another woman comes into the picture and glances around slowly. This woman is a dancer, and she takes advantage of the blank space around her with gorgeous movement. Lexie sings a narrative about this woman, and from what seems like nowhere, a man appears. The bass drops and the two of them dance together, color swirling around Lexie and Jon as the instrumentals swirl around them.

FEATURETTE had a bit to say about the video itself:

We shot both “Broken” and “Procession” in one day with the intent of trying to make a mini ‘featurette’ that would bookend the album CRAVE. While “Broken” is dark and angular and the opening of our narrative, “Procession” is it’s mirror. “Procession” is introverted, and emotional and broad, as well as being striking, explosive and poignant – it shows the journey and the realizations that the protagonist has come to. She’s finally found herself within the story and realized that the demons she was working so hard to conquer were within herself all along. She’s finally found the courage to wake up and make her dreams her reality.

CRAVE is out October 14th.