Flashlight O, “TV Time”

Post Author: Jake Saunders

Colin Alexander’s project, Flashlight O, released a cassette earlier this year off the Double Double Whammy imprint called The Truman Sho. The music within the tape embodied a child-like innocence, embracing imperfection as a channel to provide intimacy, providing an experience for the listener not unlike watching a baby sleep. The new video for “TV Time” is an excellent visual representation of this; Colin and a girl named Allie travel across Germany, shown through shaky, lo-fi shots which give off a “my trip to Germany” home-movie vibe. In his own words, Colin describes the video’s context:

This video is shot in Berlin, Freiburg, and Todtnau Germany from a visit I made this summer with my girl Allie. It was my first time exploring some cultural heritage of my own (German on my mom’s dad’s side). The video is edited by Allie, but I was stoked on it blurring public and private in a funny way—like what’s the difference between a posed selfie (lens confrontation) and a candid shot and a pretend candid shot (and a pretend posed selfie) if you don’t know what’s real? Now, disregard that entirely since it’s the dance moves that hold the video together.

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