Free Cake For Every Creature, “Take On Me”

Post Author: Quinn Moreland
free cake for every creature

Back in March, Katie Bennett of Free Cake For Every Creature released a nine-song demo collection recorded throughout Schenectady, NY, Mullica Hill, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA. Moving Songs is, as the title suggests, a documentation of a time in transition and uncertainty. The opening track, “Take On Me,” sets the album’s finding-your-footing tone. “My room is empty / Another year behind me / Sitting on the floor,” Bennett sings, faltering at first before steadily moving on. The song’s new video presents a distorted and saturated VHS tape of Bennett performing a series of activities: listening to a Devo record, reading a book, tying a shoe, and finally creating her own Energy Dome hat. Bennett consistently pours affection and attention to detail into her songs, and it is always exciting to see this love translated into her carefully crafted videos.

Moving Songs is out now via Double Double Whammy.

Free Cake For Every Creature and I Tried To Run Away When I Was Six tour:

13 Anacortes, WA at Anacortes Music Channel
14 Bellingham, WA at Affirmation Palace
15 Vancouver, BC at Trout Lake Park (w/ Rose Melberg and ok vancouver ok)
16 Seattle, WA at Magic Lanes
17 Olympia, WA at The Track House
18 Portland, OR at ESB House (w/ Golden Hour, sorry not sorry)
20 Arcata, CA at The Farmhouse
21 Oakland, CA at EM Wolfman Books (w/ Watercolor Paintings, Stephen Steinbrink and Try The Pie)
22 San Jose, CA at Chromatic Coffee
23 Santa Barbara, CA at 5, 4, 3, 2…. fun!
24 Los Angeles, CA at TBA
25 San Diego, CA at The Porch (w/ KIDS)