Girlpool, “Before the World Was Big”

Post Author: NM Mashurov

In a perfect aesthetic and ideological fit, the video for the title track off of Girlpool‘s forthcoming album Before the World Was Big was directed by Rookie’s Alyssa Yohana, who created a timeless dreamy lovestruck ode to the most important type of relationship in the world—BFFdom. Fuzzy focus and close shots make it feel like Cleo and Harmony are the only two people on Coney Island, or maybe in the world, as they hold hands, do cartwheels, and revel in other sacred beach rituals. Pop songs are love songs: ways to articulate feelings and honor the humans we feel those things for. Too often, songs and the narratives around them are disproportionately allocated to romantic love, elevating those bonds above others. Girlpool are a constant reminder that friend love is just as real, important, and worthy of attention, investigation, and gushy celebratory artmaking.