Hebe, "Take Him Down"

Post Author: Andre G

Artistry is one of the few domains where expressing unbridled emotion isn’t just acceptable, but the most productive route to take for success. Such is the case for electro-pop singer-songwriter Hebe, who used her “Take Him Down” single to dispense her pentup frustrations through song. The daughter of a movie director and theater designer, the Amsterdam-based singer’s full frontal video is a treatise in the poignancy of restraint.
Over uptempo drums and gliding synths, Hebe takes her lithe tone down a couple notches from previous first single “Tell Me” and showcases her versatility. As she sings of “slowly losing her head,” she sways gently with her eyes closed, her only actions the soft pants and recitation of choice lyrics that particularly define her grief. “Take Him Down” is the second single from Hebe’s upcoming Tell Me album, set to be self-released through HEBE-MUSIC.