Holly Overton, “The Split”

Post Author: JP Basileo

An artist’s relationship with their surroundings obviously plays a crucial role in the direction of their output, but for Holly Overton (MPHO, Juniper Rising), an imaginative connection exists not only in everything and everyone around her, but also, and perhaps most importantly, in herself. Her new video for “The Split,” off her solo EP (out tomorrow on GP Stripes), exhibits themes of self-realization through simple costume design, choreography, and an unadulterated love affair with the ocean. Walking along the shore, a lone [Holly Overton] appears somewhat lethargic, if not distressed, while a mysterious rhinestone-coated sea-lady (played by her sister, Heather), looks on from the reeds. The one sways about with her head in her hands until the other runs down to the beach to participate in the dance, and maybe breathe some life into it.

The imagery, let alone the scenery, is beautiful. Mirrored moves and a symbolic passing of a conch shell act as sort of training wheels for self-fulfillment, until the sea-lady vanishes unexpectedly, and only her shawl is left behind. Suddenly the dance is one of confidence and no inhibitions. The rhinestones make their way onto Holly’s face and the two figures become one and it’s clear that this apparition was just the beautiful mer-person within all along. The video, directed by John Biven, was shot on Pea Island, in Overton’s home state of North Carolina, a fitting escape for such a message. The song itself is filled with gorgeous synth swells, echoing the themed ocean of the visuals, while piano flutters and cooling saxophone hums all bad vibes numb. She implores you to look to yourself and recognize your good, saying, “you got that sparkle, don’t you?” Thanks for that.