Izzy True, “Swole”

Post Author: Abbie Hornburg
izzy true

Isabel Reidy began her career in The Realbads, a folk noise punk band with her brother Silas Reidy on guitar, percussionist Chris Polis, and bassist Mike Amadeo. Their full­ length album Here Comes The Realbads was released on Sweet Baby God Records in 2014. On her recent solo project, Izzy True, Reidy pursues a wistful and empowering punch of melodic pop rock.

The humor and charm of Izzy True is reflected in the animated music video for “Swole,” the debut track from her new EP, Troll. “Swole,” short for “swollen,” is gym slang for someone who has developed a larger physique from weightlifting. Reidy deadpans about her workout routine, getting huge, and how it gets her dates.

Reidy has also illustrated and published numerous comics, including “Powder Shiver”, which was released at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, and on “Swole”, she accompanies her inventive songwriting with animations of eccentric characters: a crocodile in gym shorts, a jubilant man lifting weights and a bizarre creature making a protein shake.

Riedy elaborates on the process of combing songwriting with illustrating:

“It all kind of feeds into itself. I write songs about my characters and I also sometimes try to write music that sounds how my images look. The music, the dudes, they all exist in the same universe, it’s just different ways of seeing that place. As for the content­­ Those are just some of my guys, new and old, and they are working out. I’ve been trying to work out, so that’s why they’re doing it. I want them to be strong. It would be cool to be strong”.

Troll is coming out June 29th on Don Giovanni Records.



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