Jeb Loy Nichols, “Long Time Traveller”

Post Author: Jes Skolnik

Jeb Loy Nichols‘ mix of country and dub is a bit like a peanut butter and pickle sandwich – sounds unappealing (if a little intriguing) at first, but if you put it together with the right balance, as Nichols does with legendary producer Adrian Sherwood of the On-U Sound label and members of Channel One dub all-stars Roots Radics and Sherwood’s Dub Syndicate, it could become your new favorite thing. The lilt of dub production highlights not just Nichols’ soulful voice but the folk and soul roots of both reggae and classic country.

In this short documentary, Nichols (who also compiled the Country Got Soul compilations) discusses the popularity of country music in Jamaica, Black island music in the American South, his longtime friendship with Sherwood, and a little bit about the background of his Long Time Traveller album, which was released in Japan in 2010 but now sees a worldwide release.

Long Time Traveller is available for preorder via On-U Sound.