Joe Fox, "Sweet Song"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

“Sweet Song” is the latest song from London artist Joe Fox.  Fox was originally discovered by A$AP Rocky and Hector Delgado busking on the streets of London at 4 AM.  He subsequently collaborated on five tracks of A$AP’s album AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP.
“Sweet song is one of my favourite songs I have written so far,” admits Fox. “I am a sucker for a love song and I like this song because it has an upbeat energy to it whilst being emotionally profound.  It was recorded in one take actually, just sat down with my guitar and played it.”
The video for “Sweet Song” is a showcase for Fox’s songwriting skills, which are remarkable.  Shot in black and white with only Fox and an acoustic guitar in an industrial setting, the viewer gets the full feeling of what Fox is communicating with “Sweet Song”.
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