Junglepussy, “Now Or Later”

Post Author: Raz Robinson

Brooklyn artist Shayna McHayle, better known by the stage name Junglepussy, has been teasing new music for a little bit now. Now, a year after her debut Satisfaction Guaranteed, McHayle has released the video for “Now Or Later”, the first single of her upcoming album Pregnant With Success.

A stellar introduction for those who didn’t know and an affirmation of dopeness for anyone who knew and slept on her, “Now Or Later” is about three minutes of McHayle going in on a bass-heavy beat colored by eastern melodic eccentricity. The video centers around a strange and hilarious vegetable motif as McHayle utters “is you down to light the piffy and get wavy” as she waves around handfuls of kale. In between hilarious lines about haters, their delusion likely brought on by an excess of GMO food, and “dipping out the Uber slowly like a lady,” McHayle establishes her prowess as an Emcee who, unlike a handful of your favorite rappers, doesn’t have to look the other way when someone asks if she has more than one flow.

Truthfully, having an abundance of personality is something that can’t be understated in the rap game. As McHayle lets the hook “Is you really fucking with me baby? Am I running through your mind on the daily? Is you coming over or you being lazy?” play out she proves again and again that abundance of persona is something that she has.