LE BOOM, “What We Do”

All the way from Dublin, the phenomenal Christy Leech performs under the moniker Le Boom. He’s an electro-pop artist and DJ, and was discovered while performing at secret parties hosted by young artists in various unused warehouses in Brooklyn last summer. This talented dude–and self confessed control-freak–does everything himself – writing, playing, recording, making CD covers, editing videos, you name it. He’s just released a new track, and we’re so excited to share it with everyone.

The track is called “What We Do.” It starts off with bouncy electronics that vibrate and resonate deep within your bones. It seems so simplistic, but the different components of the song come together perfectly. The song is catchy while still being relaxed. The vocals are soft and in falsetto, and he makes it seem and feel effortless. Expanding on the track, he admits, “‘What We Do’ is about acknowledging that something is bad for you but being unable to walk away because the thoughts of being without it are unbearable.”

Dancer Breckyn Drescher captures the magic of New York City streets, performing across a myriad of backgrounds. The video is fun and interesting, allowing the viewer to see art in the every day.

This track is perfect for a night out, riding around down, or dancing the night away.

Upcoming NYC Shows
8/11 – Pianos
8/18 – Webster Hall
8/19 – Warehouse Party (Bushwhack)