Little Wings, “Light Brang”

Post Author: Mike Sosnick
Kyle Fields Little Wings

Little Wings has been the folk project of Kyle Field since the ’90s, and his eleventh LP, Explains, was released in May. Over the years, the California-based artist has collaborated with the likes of Devendra Banhart and M. Ward, penned movie scores, created visual art, and picked up a couple acting credits along the way.

The playful melody of Explains’ “Light Brang” fits perfectly with its new video, which finds Field jerkily swinging sparklers in a dark void. There’s no way to know, but the pitch-black background is Japan’s astoundingly scenic Miyazaki Prefecture; after picking up a few fireworks, Field spontaneously decided to film the video while visiting his girlfriend’s grandmother. Nestled around poetically sad tracks on Explains, the video for “Light Brang” effortlessly make us chuckle as Kyle stares us in the eyes by candlelight and mumbles, “Deschanel up in that Pantene / Water inside that canteen.” As Field delivers relaxed, storytelling lyrics over calm guitars and a dreamy piano, each listen reveals more and more subtle humor. But as we laugh alongside Little Wings, we get the privilege of seeing the genuine quirkiness in the man behind the nebulously serious music.

Explains is out now on Woodsist.