Lylas, "DialX"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Nashville-based psychedelic collective Lylas – a project that revolves around the compositions of brainchild Kyle Hamlett – is about to embark on a journey. Though they’ve been together for a while and, thus, their music has been incubating, it is time for them to reveal their talent to the world at large. Hopefully, they leave the type of impression on you that they did on us with the video premiere for their song “DialX”.
Directed and edited by Jonathan Rogers, the video was shot exquisitely, setting us down a winding narrative that involves plants, a ouija board, and what could – and should – be considered the undead. As the delicate instrumentals and lightweight vocals work their magic together, all we can ask is: will the black magic that brought this woman back serve good or evil?
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