!mindparade, “See You”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Bloomington, Indiana’s five-piece dream rock collective !mindparade released their Dead Mystics LP at the end of 2015. The work is exquisite, something to note when you realize that the entire album was recorded and mixed in guitarist/vocalist Alex Arnold’s home studio. We’ve got the latest from this release, the music video for their single “See You”.

A hard guitar riff starts us off in front of a white wall, the features on the band members clouded through the haze of what looks to be colored chalk. Regular shots and hots in slow motion mingle with shots played in reverse, letting the colors fall where they may. Closeups of instruments layer over vibrant video of apples (“a poison apple”) and cars on the road, among others. It’s a layered artistic approach to the track, and it’s beautiful.

“The video is an attempt to illustrate the emotional space of the song, which is about human intent, error, and as a sense of existential awareness here in our place amongst the micro and the macro,” elaborates Arnold. “The micro; the worms on the ancient apple, inevitable decay, rot, cyclic life… and then the macro; the cosmos, the void, the everything, the nothing. Meanwhile humanity is stuck in between, awkwardly aware of it all. Destined to exercise intention in a chaotic universe. And probably destined to still make some mistakes along the way.

Tour Dates
∆ 09/24 @ Sofar Sounds Chicago, IL
∆ 10/04 @ Burdock w/ Boreal Sons, Toronto, ON, Canada
∆ 10/05 @ Brasserie Beaubien w/ Slight, Montreal, ON, Canada
∆ 10/06 @ The Ottawa Tavern w/ Balance Bird, Toledo, OH
∆ 10/29 @ Artisan Alley, Bloomington, IN

Dead Mystics is available now.