Miserable, “High”

Post Author: Quinn Moreland
miserable high

Miserable is the project of San Francisco artist Kristina Esfandiari, ex-vocalist of Bay Area shoegaze group Whirr. Since leaving the band, Esfandiari has been releasing music under the monikers of King Woman and Miserable. Her new EP, Dog Days, was recorded in just over two weeks by Samuel Truitt Rezendez at California’s Unified Stations Audio. Dog Days is the official followup to last spring’s Halloween Dream EP, and is the precursor to her full-length debut as Miserable.

The video for Miserable’s “High” is anything but gloomy. The video finds a group of girls drinking 40s, throwing glitter, kissing, and dancing in masks, all to blissed-out sounds that recall a more minimal, mellow My Bloody Valentine, complete with swirling guitars and sleepy vocals. The subject matter and the sound may  seem contradictory, but in “High”, they complement each other to create the perfect magical party.

Dog Days is available for download on bandcamp and cassettes are available for pre-order through the UK’s Sad Girls Club.