Moniquea, "Checkin' Out"

Post Author: Andre G

LA-based singer Moniquea recently released her Blackwavefunk album, a project in which she explores new wave, synthpop, and funk sounds. The album was predominantly produced by XL Middleton, who crafted album standout “Checkin’ Out.” Today, Moniquea released a video for the cookout-ready track. Directed by Kid Boogie, the video follows Moniquea around LA.
The cinematography excels at grabbing glimpses of the city, from a night scene under club lights to strolls through quiet neighborhoods. Ultimately, we find her in the studio crafting the veltety, uptempo number that harkens back to the ’80s with splashy synths and cavernous reverb on the percussion. She tells her lover that she’s enjoying the course of their relationship, but if he can’t accept her she’s checking out. Great advice to carry into July so you don’t waste your time with empty flings.
Be sure to have this one in the rotation for the 4th, but until then you can check out the video. Blackwavefunk is available for purchase on MoFunk Records here.