Mother Ganga, “Do I?”

Glasgow's Mother Ganga answers the question, "What if The Knife was from Scotland, where it's not as cold and desolate as rural Sweden?" The vocal warping is comparable to The Knife, while the sonic pasteurs blip, twinkle and coo into a retro-fit Atari game world. Mother Ganga is the project of one Lewis Cook, but in the laser fire outro, a hundred uncertain voices ponder the question raised in the song title, "Do I?" As Mother Ganga, Cook questions the so-called social media lifestyle that's out there. He's yet to determine whether he's interested in being held down and led into a virtual reality of friendless friends and potential endlessness. His resistence to modern ennui is mirrored by his retro textures of 80's synth pop. It's as though we've learned nothing from Gary Numan and must carry on as messengers for a man who warned us 20 years ago.

Mother Ganga's Pineal Soup is out now on Instructional Media.