Pipe Check: Musicians review smoking devices for 4/20

Post Author: Kate Bennis
Eartheater smoking a grav labs bubbler

Marijuana is a booming business, or as CNN puts it, a revolution. That’s fine with us, we’ve been reporting on the weed revolution for years. With the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana comes new streams of peripheral revenue, and one of the biggest sectors is smoking utensils and accessories.

The days of rolling joints or smoking bowls are quickly becoming passé, as new technologies push words like edibles, vapes and dabs into our lexicon. Words that may sound confusing or enticing depending on your preferences, but above all, don’t do a whole lot to describe what kind of experience they provide. So in honor of 4/20, we’re hoping to clear the air on a few popular smoking devices.

We put together a crack team of professionals to test out four different products in our first 4/20 investigative report. Remy Banks, members of Ava Luna and Tripletrain, and Eartheater all stopped by our office to try out G Pen and Pax vaporizers, as well as a Mini-Hitter from Elevate Accessories and a Helix bubbler from Grav Labs. In this highly scientific experiment, each test subject was asked to take one hit from each device and answer a series of questions regarding flavor, potency, and the overall enjoyability of the process. The results may surprise you. Or not. We can’t remember.