Natasha Kmeto, "Pour Down"

Post Author: Michael Brummett


Natasha Kmeto (“kuh – meh – toe”) is an electronic producer/vocalist dedicated to the art of engagement. Writing, producing, and performing all her material, Kmeto combines her sensuous voice with a dancefloor ethic, exuding a thoughtful physicality that rewards openness and vulnerability. Stylistically she explores the lines intersected by RnB, soul, and dance music, built using an electronic toolkit developed by years of discipline. She’s most at home when on stage, singing to her fans’ hearts and playing to their bodies.
Her new 7″ just came out where she delves deeper into issues of feminism and queerness: “Pour Down” serves as an anthem for empowerment while “Free For Tonight” explores the concept of safe space. You can find most of her work either on Bandcamp or iTunes.


With a late ’90s video aesthetic, “Pour Down” is certainly an impassioned creation. The vocal arrangements only add to the emotion and meaning behind the words, highlighting the deeper, highly universal challenges of femininity and queerness.
Flashing lights, mirrors, and the very dance atmosphere in which we find Kmeto in “Pour Down” is introspective and intentional. With no distinct setting, it almost seems we find Natasha in a place where most people go to be surrounded by people. Kmeto takes a step back in this world, questioning her every breath and motive, in what amounts to be a powerfully resonant message.


Natasha Kmeto can be found on her official Facebook page, and on her website.