Norman Westberg, “Bunny Bill”

Post Author: Jes Skolnik
Norman Westberg

Guitarist Norman Westberg, of Swans, The Heroine Sheiks, and many other New York-based noise and experimental projects, has a new solo album out, 13, via renowned Australian composer Lawrence English‘s ROOM40 label. 13 is a beautiful, terrifying and hypnotic drone album, perfectly slotted into the feeling where silence turns to dread, where momentary calm can only mean something’s coming and it’s going to be hell. To be honest, I’ve never heard a record that captures a sense of everyday simmering anxiety so perfectly. Watch the video for the single “Bunny Bill”, with visuals by Australian artist Paul Rankin, and get lost in the light of horror, the horror of light. Westberg and Rankin’s work here is proof that one doesn’t have to push the most obvious buttons in the room in order to be provocative.

13 is available now from ROOM40.