Parallels, “Heart of the Wild”

Post Author: Michael Brummett

She’s the siren of the desert.


Parallels is a Toronto, synth-pop trio, releasing their third album, Metropolis, in February via The Marigold Label. Back in October of 2015, the group hit an incredible milestone, finding their way to #1 on Canada’s National Electronic Chart.

Lead woman of Parallels, Holly Dodson, is joined by her brother Nick on drums and Artem Galperine on keyboards. Recently, “Heart of the Wild” was featured on CBC Radio 1 as the song of the week—to much praise from listeners.

Metropolis was crowdfunded, surpassing their set goal by 114%, as an ode to the loyalty and support of their base of fans. Having completed a lengthy 2013 tour through North America, coming in at 36 shows, the group has shared the stage with a handful of other notable acts:

  • Florence + The Machine
  • Crystal Castles
  • A-Trak
  • Glass Candy


In a high-quality production, featuring what we can only guess is the diverse wild of California in their deserts and forestry, we can’t help shake the feel of mystique. Exploring what may be self-discovery, in lines surrounding “rescue what is mine”, Parallel’s universality shines through.

“Replace what I’ve lost // The fear, the rejection // The journey itself will be love” further evidences a call for escapism and transcendentalism. We like what Holly, Nick, and Artem have to offer, and look forward to their release of Metropolis on Feb. 17th.


Parallels have a respectably large following on Facebook, and have Metropolis ready for pre-order here.