Penguin, “i luv yr greasy cog”

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Just in time for bike season, Penguin just released their first ever video, for the winkingly titled, “i luv yr greasy cog”. Penguin self-identify as “grumpy transexual punx” who play straightforward ’90s-inspired pop-punk with plenty of puns, cats, and bikes throughout.

Bike season invariably coincides with crush season and the lyrics are full of disarmingly direct crush feels like, “I think that we would get along / I could help you true your wheels // I think that you should meet me up / I’m getting bored and I wish you were here,” channeling equal parts early Blink-182 and queercore tweepunk projects circa Maple Rabbit and Pegassissy.

The members of Penguin also run Brooklyn Transcore, working to organize shows for trans and queer bands around New York—a full-time mission which culminates in the Transcore stage at Punk Island every year. It’s a lot of work but the video catches the crew at play, biking around South Brooklyn and eventually ending up at the Coney Island arcades.