Perseus Dream, "Conclusion"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Perseus Dream is a true DIY project.


Birthed as an idea back in 2010, Helias Fylactos took on Perseus Dream as a personal project. Melding 60s psychedelic, jazz electro, rock, and even trip hop, “Conclusion” and his other works pay no attention to genre and exist as creations all on their own.
Creating music with a massive range of influences leads to particularly interesting experiences at live shows, however, as Helias tells us:

“When it comes time for a live performance, where the other musicians at the gig feel free to contribute to their own particular style, the influence and feelings in the pieces lead to a whole new experience from gig to gig.”

“Perseus” Dream itself has clear ties with Greek mythology, which speak in part to the inspiration for Fylactos’ project. Perseus, being a hero in ancient Greek mythology, killed the monstrous Medusa. The underlying significance of which stuck with Helias:

“I believe that he [Perseus] made a change in the world. He changed the way the world was perceived by society — after killing Medusa, he gave her head as a gift to Athena, the protector goddess of cities. Medusa was now protecting the boundary between the known and the unknown world, allowing humans to explore every philosophical issue — philosophy and the arts ultimately making us better human beings. That is the Perseus Dream.” -Helias Fylactos


“Conclusion” is an eloquently paced track and animation. Hypnotic in its delivery of deep bass lines and percussion, it is just as likely to bring you into a trance as it is to engage you in its storytelling. An artwork in its greater form, “Conclusion” is naturally philosophical, and is eerily potent in its calming effects.


A handful of Perseus Dream’s work can be found on their website, along with Soundcloud, plus news and announcements on Facebook.