Persona La Ave X Baraka, "The Goddess"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Experimental funk outfit Persona La Ave X Baraka releases their new video for “The Goddess” today, and we’ve got the premiere. While shimmery, silver items are a constant in every frame of this video (silver glitter, what looks like foil everywhere, paint, shoes, etc.), there is a distinct 70’s vibe to both the visuals and the accompanying music that just cannot be denied. Though human figures can be detected, their faces are always covered, making a very defining point about the importance of the video.
“‘The Goddess’ video is in many respects a celebration of coming out,” explains Dylan. “We used the characters to tell a story of closeted freaks trying to understand their internal fantasies, desires, and insecurities. As the video progresses, we get closer to seeing the mylar-clad protagonists free of their confines as a metaphor for boldly coming out of the closet. Being queer artists, it was a familiar theme but not something either of us had directly confronted before in our work.”
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