PLEASURES, “Gemini Twin”

Post Author: Virginia Croft

In the fall of 2014, Katherine Kelly, Mikey Murphy and Morgan Soltes worked together on a small community farm located in Northern California. Somewhere amongst their days of harvesting, the three nurtured the creation of PLEASURES. As a dark(er) psych/synth group, they added Greg Ferris to add eerie synth parts. This past February, the quartet released their debut full-length, Fucked Up Dreams Come True, the result of their return from California to Florida.

With their new video for “Gemini Twin,” PLEASURES hold nothing back. Directed by Robert Benson, a stop motion video takes the viewer into desolation and desire, a constant amalgam of confusion– exactly what the song’s subject matter entails. Regarding “Gemini Twin,” PLEASURES’ Katherine Kelly (guitar, vocals) explained,  “[it’s about] that sickening feeling you get when you start courting someone; all your interests and thoughts start aligning in a psychic twinning sort of way. It’s so magical you just want to destroy them so it never ends.” In the video, plastic Barbie-style dolls travel through a strange, Mad-Max esque land of sand and fury. Benson added, “When I listened to “Gemini Twin” for the first time, it initially conjured up the color red in my mind. So the world I attempted to create had a primarily red landscape — a wasteland. The song is an intense struggle between two parties, which I depicted as a man-bird-mutant on the run from a pointy-fingered evil tyrant.” Kelly’s emotionally-infused lyrics add an intense element of desire, as we watch the two characters battle each other, a possible metaphor for the internal conflict we feel as we fall into the trap of love.

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