Premiere: Clipd Beaks, “Tied Sky”

The sun worship of Clipd Beaks' "Tied Sky" video has brought the Oakland psych outfit to a remote desert, where maidens of the land practice earthen rituals.

Built from filmed and found footage, "Tied Sky" pairs the dark, brooding psychedelia of Clip Beaks with its natural palate cleanser, the occult. Clipd Beaks tear into the tapestry of their third eyes with doomed vocals that cry in desperation. With danger written into the composition, the cameraman opens a gate to the desert, which in turn expands the nodes of perception. Meanwhile the no-man's land of the sun cult engage in their rituals. As Clipd Beaks (an all-male outfit) fade out, the women are able to conjure fire with their minds, somewhat suggesting that not only are women smarter than men, but they truly never needed us to invent fire.

Clipd Beaks' Lost Offerings CS is out now on Moon Glyph.