Premiere: Sunwolf, “Push It”

Having recently debuted their "Fire Breathing Tiger" track the other day, Sunwolf returns to bring around some of their friends for some fancy footwork on the pavement in their video for "Push It". Featuring the new soft shoe talents of Agi Kovacs and Kerry McGee as the 'Dancing Suburban Housewives,' the pair gets down to the Sunwolf grooves courtesy of Shyla Palm, boombox holder extraordinaire/artistic director. Starting with a slow pitch intro; "Hi, this is Sunwolf, this how we 'push it", the sidewalk dance craze begins. As you are shown how the dance starts, our dancer finds her friend at a cafe and grabs her into the action.

From "this is how it starts" to "felt it in my heart," the entire urban surroundings become an interactive ballroom. Stepping in time to the music and rhythm, shimmering lyrics of "ooooo," "la la la," "you got it," "woah woah," "yeah now," the title, and more are displayed like an impromptu happenstance karaoke of enchantment. Get carefree, sing along, get happy and learn the moves to the song approved by the sun and happening wolves everywhere.

Sunwolf's Angel Eyes is available now, as of today from El Rey Records.