Scam Avenue, “Sailor”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Scam Avenue‘s new video for the first single “Sailor” off their upcoming Sailor EP just hit the interwebs, so we figured we’d give it a gander. Coming in like a dream, the video begins in front of a grungy, graffitied building. While the twinkling, 80’s synth sound wisps through your speakers, a woman (Devery Doleman) in a very attention-grabbing outfit (those heels, though!) walks the street. A man (Lawrence Kim) walks down the street as well, and then when the vocals cut in a shot of him is layered over the two walking in different shots, singing. Of course they’re both members of Scam Avenue, and their vocals are insanely ethereal.

But what we want to know is, what is the fate of these two characters? Will they meet? Won’t they? Find out now with your glimpse at what’s to come from Scam Avenue!

Oct 15 at Sunnyvale, Brooklyn, NY w/ Emily Jane White and Foxtails Brigade
Oct 26 at Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY – EP RELEASE SHOW