Sexy Fights, "Flux"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Chicago based synth-rock band Sexy Fights is constantly breaking traditional molds and experimenting with new sounds.  Nothing has changed when it comes to the new video for their single “Flux”, a song that is heavy with vocoder and beautiful vocals from front woman Jordan Rose Brzezinski.  Brzezinski is joined by Phillip Shoemaker (synth, keys, guitar, rainbows), Russell Augustine (guitar), and Bryan Hart (drums and samples).
Says the band: “Space Is The Place, and with Flux that is where wanted to take the party. This video and the song itself are a bit of a nod and homage to the late 70s/early 80s, that pre-MTV time period when groups like Earth, Wind and Fire and Michael Jackson were making spacey, strange, out of this world music videos with lasers, floating heads, endless fog, and about 2 tons of glitter.  Director Josh Patterson/The Druid Beat pushed this idea to the digital extreme, creating a psychedelic soup that gives a brief glimpse into our heads.”
From the start of the video the group pays homage to the 80s and there is a strong galactic/sci-fi theme throughout.  The light show and fading in and out creates a unique charm that reflects the song being performed.  These images are the perfect representation of the band’s image and sound.

You can find more information about Sexy Fights on their Facebook page and check out their LP Too Far Out