Shatterproof, "Cookie Cutter Life"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Alt rock fresh with a dash of Panic at the Disco drama, Shatterproof has created a song in “Cookie Cutter Life” that doesn’t easily identify with a particular genre.  They’re a rock band that features a violin!
The five members of the Ft. Collins, CO band  – Branson Hoog (lead vocals/acoustic guitar), Jeremy Marmor (guitar/backup vocals), Josh Schoenig (bass/screams), Benjamin Spoliansky (drums), and TJ Wessel (violin/keys) – are premiering the “Cookie Cutter Life” video to mark the release of their self-titled EP out July 21.
Directed by Hudson Bloom, the film sets the tone using dark imaging and an ominous imprisonment. Says the band:

The theme of “Cookie Cutter Life” is best embodied in the chorus. “Scream with me if you’re lost. You’re not lost alone”. One of the biggest commonalities of all humans is the struggle to live in a messed-up world. This song is the ultimate “me-too” song. We all have “stuff.” Life is often unfair and harsh. Bad things happen to us, and we, in our brokenness do bad things to others. The worst part of this is that we often feel like the only ones with issues. The only ones with struggles, but the truth is that everyone has “something.” You are not lost alone.

Shatterproof has real musical chops and you’ll want to add this EP to your playlist. Keep up with them here.