Into The Woods presents: Spazzkid, “Lovers”

Post Author: Sandra Song

As bubbly as the best of bobas, Spazzkid (aka Mark Redito) has just debuted an infectiously upbeat video for his addictive opener “Lovers”, courtesy of Into the Woods’s Carsick video series.

Fresh off the newly minted Promise EP, out earlier this month via Magical Properties, it’s a neon-colored track chock full of earworm-y melodies, watery sound overlays and shimmering accent synths.

Drenched in bright pastels and endless summer sonic vibes, there’s very little you can do to keep yourself from smiling the entire video through, as Redito exudes an almost childlike sense of genuine joy for the entire four and a half minute video. All in stark contrast to the exclusively grey backdrop of Oregonian gloom, it all just highlights the fact that his lush, candy-colored sounds are the attention-grabbing focal point of this entire endeavor.

There’s something energetic, endearing, and extremely personal about Redito’s all-encompassing front seat performance, as he shakes and squirms as if he’s not already moving 60+ mph. After all, it takes a lot to move like that with a seatbelt strapped across your chest.

Spazzkid’s Promise EP is out now on Magical Properties.