SUIIX, “Pacific Dreamer”

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

The Sydney-based Sarah Jullienne (SUIIX) and her band Kristjan Blade, Robbie Armfield, Mitch Creecy and Mitch Sloan have created music that is both rhythmic and ethereal at the same time. SUIIX’s new single “Pacific Dreamer” and its accompanying video paint a picture of rejuvenation in an elderly man. The lyrics are the figurative explanation and the video tells the story of the literal renewal. The dreamy vocals sweep you into the song. At the same time, the leisurely instrumentals perfectly pace the video.

SUIIX had a bit to say about the video itself.

Ok so the video is basically supposed to be this whacky, trippy and somewhat humorous clip about a fading old man in a nursing home who feels very trapped, lamenting over the unfulfilled dreams of his life and wishing he could have another chance. After being fed the seeds of a magical pomegranate he suddenly finds himself escaping into an underwater dream world where he is free to finally chase after his desires and long lost love.

That is a lot of substance for a short film!