THICK, "Anymore"

Post Author: JP Basileo

Perhaps there has never been a more perfect depiction of living and playing in a band in NYC (or anywhere, really. But really, really, in NYC), than THICK’s new video for their single “Anymore.” The Brooklyn three-piece encompasses everything from the hustle and bustle of commuter life, to the ever-clinging-to-dear-life music scene, and everything in between. The visuals, directed by Micah Weisberg and Bill Dvorak, open with the sun rising over an industrial-viewed skyline, the commuting band members guised in their young professional best, barely staying awake, and enduring the struggle. They’re rushing to catch trains, falling asleep putting on makeup, spilling tampons on the sidewalk, failing to “make it.” The pulse of the song is what keeps them going. Kate Black and Nikki Sisti duel angelic harmonies, singing about ennui and destitution, as a poppypop-punk melody and drummer Shari Page’s pounding rhythm and heavy cymbals carry them through their day. They find brief moments of reprieve in shaking rock n roll heads of rock n roll hair, and skateboarding, all leading up to their great purification: they head to play a show. The crowd is filled with enthused friends and fans bangin’ heads and spittin’ beers and eatin’ pizza, and we see the band’s at home, in their own skin, and so concludes what might be the most New York video ever made.
Check out THICK in June!
6/2 – Our Wicked Lady – Slow Caves, THICK, Hypoluxo
6/9 – Main Drag – El Goodo Northside show w/ Dead Stars, THICK, NO ICE, The Planes, The Regrets
6/10 – Muchmore’s – Paper Scissors Media Northside Day Show w/ Samantha, THICK, Secret Nudist Friends, Blushed, The Coax, Rvby My Dear, Darkwing
6/21 – Knockdown Center – Future Punx, Sharkmuffin