Tiger Tooth, “Chiming Wedgebill”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Brooklyn’s Tiger Tooth – comprised of Johny Siera, Will Broussard, and Sofia Szamosi – boasts their work as a multi-media collaborative effort, and we couldn’t speak to anything less. Their debut self-titled 15 track album was just released, and we have the “face dancing” video for their track “Chiming Wedgebill”.

“I was enamored by the particularly peculiar and mischievous whistle of The Chiming Wedgebill the moment I heard it,” they explain. “We sampled the bird on a trip to an Australian zoo, chopped it up, made a hook and voilà, nature to the dance floor. Our accompanying FACE DANCING video very much encourages the viewer to FACE DANCE along with the beat better than us.”

Can we say they took their art to a whole other level, and it’s completely tickling our funny bone? The music itself is a breath of fresh air, with a bass line for days and interesting layers made for the dance floor. But their senses of humor are now completely obvious in not only their “about” section on their Facebook page, but in THOSE FACES…

“Chiming Wedgebill” is available on Tiger Tooth, out now via Beatport.