TRANS FX, “Why I’m Not Where You Are”

Post Author: Liz Pelly

The new video from TRANS FX was shot at a roller rink, Olympia’s Skateland. The short clip starts off with the videographer on skates, following along as other skaters bust out impressive tricks, and couples hold hands gliding around under party lights. About a minute in, the camera becomes less kinetic, instead standing still and just watching as skaters go by. There’s a subtle sense of alienation communicated in that shift, an unusual gloominess you wouldn’t exactly expect from a trip to the skate rink. Such is the detached reality of “Why I’m Not Where You Are”, the second track from Into the Blu, TRANS FX’s forthcoming full-length on Perennial and K Records. The short track features somber meandering key and synth lines over a pounding, clipped drumbeat, and one inescapable, stretched-out thought: “I’m waiting for / someone that I know / to get off a plane / the relief of my burden / I’m waiting for.” The video, shot by Jamie Vague and directed by Chris McDonnell, is streaming above.