Vallens, "Sin So Vain"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Toronto’s alternative/darkwave collective Vallens – expertly comprised of Robyn Phillips, Colin J Morgan, Marta Cikojevic, and Devon Henderson – have teamed up with Chris Mills (Modest Mouse, Interpol, Metric, BSS) as the first in a line of musicians to have their work made into visual art in a series with the label Hand Drawn Dracula. Mills is spearheading the project, and it’s going to be a big one. We’re lucky enough to be hosting the premiere for that first video, made for their track “Sin So Vain”.
Phillips had quite a bit to say about the track.

What memories do I really have of this?” People were telling me the memories that I should have about someone versus the memories that I really had. Sometimes you think about stuff that happened when you were a kid and you had this veil of innocence over your eyes. So I’m reflecting on these nice, warm memories and remembering them as an adult who sees everybody in the memory now as an adult, with flaws and missteps now implanted into scenario.

A compilation of images presented largely in varying shades of gray and black and white, Phillips’ haunting vocals serving as the background to what can only be described as an observance of the ordinary and extraordinary. Facial expressions and stage makeup that can be attributed to thriller movies, with slow motion playing a large part in thee provided visuals, there is an aspect of almost sheer terror within the seven minute song space. It’s shot beautifully and specifically, while leaving bits and pieces to the imagination.
Vallens will be making an appearance at the Wavelength Festival on February 17th. Check out the event page now for details on how to nab a spot to watch! Keep up with the band here.