Watch Small Town Glow’s Music Video for “Devil Yellow Sun”, Stream EP of The Same Name

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Saratoga Springs, NY’s alternative multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Josh Robin – known to his fans as Small Town Glow – has released candy for our ears in the form of his Devil Yellow Sun EP. Featuring the Stellar Youngs’ original drummer Curt Mulick and producer Jason Brown, the EP is comprised of 5 grunge-inspired tracks that will rock you to your core.

The title track is about as Nirvana as it gets in guitar composition, with a layered pop sound over the top. It’s upbeat, quirky, and something we would easily include in a party mix. The video for that track is above, and it follows a beautiful woman around a cold, but beautiful, stretch of beach while she lip syncs the lyrics in perfect time and dances around. It’s a beautiful, simple, and fun way to represent the song. (And where did she get her coat?)

“Wheel Of Life” is majorly defined by the way the percussion gets us swaying our hips before the vocals set in. But lyrics like “I’ve been to hell and back and I know which way I’ve been” delivered as clear as the light of day bring forward the idea that, through its ups and downs, life is a journey. Third track “Waste” begins with an eerily similar guitar riff to Green Day’s “When I Come Around”, delivered with a hint of Alanis Morissettes’ signature endearing twang to it. “The One” is a bit more mellow, the bass guitar holding the song steady while Robin’s vocals come in with crashing cymbals, the most anthemic sounding of the collection. “Over”, of course, rounds out the EP quite nicely, indicating that the work has come to its completion. Robin’s waning vocals weave an intricate narrative about a relationship he’s not quite down with.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t admit we wish we had heard this EP earlier. Our 90’s selves are soaking this one up in its entirety. On repeat.

Devil Yellow Sun is available now.