What Tyrants “Hangin’ Out in Havana”

Post Author: Katie Capri
Beach drums surf rock scene

Minneapolis garage rockers What Tyrants brought the Cuban waterfront to the Twin Cities in their video for “Hangin’ Out in Havana”, the A-side of their upcoming self-titled 7″.  Sean Schultz’ steady guitar riff and his brother Kyle’s driving drum beat get the dimly lit heads bobbing out of an industrial fog and into a beach party brought to you by Oriental Trading catalogs of your youth.

On a bed of sand, the band plays their percussive, fuzzed out jam like a race to escape the post-industrial images flickering in the background. The instrumentations builds over the disenchanted crowd, bobbing heads unthinking and unfeelingly until the halfway mark breaks the garage doors open onto a surf rock beach party freak out.

Watch the beach balls fly. What Tyrants’ debut 7″ comes out August 26.