Zula/annex, “MeUP”

Post Author: Niccolo Porcello

Towards the end of this finally ending winter, two members of Brooklyn’s Zula released an EP under the semi-pseudonym Zula/annex. The cousins Terepka (Henry and Nate) composed the album separate from Zula’s other members as something of a meditation on technology, and the physical processes by which we interact with the internet—namely millions of fiber optic cables. This heady information crush led to Zula/annex’s Water Pressure EP—one of the better EP’s of early 2015, uploaded quietly onto their bandcamp.

One of the tracks on Water Pressure EP, the synth-murk “MeUP” has a new video, directed by Nate, that crosscuts gorgeously composed of images of free-moving bodies combined with footage from what looks to be a pharmaceutical assemblage video from the 1970’s. A particularly trippy combination when typed out, it is much more so when observed. All of this is set below a healthy layer of grainy visual distortion, an effect that, when paired with the source material, culminates in the effect of being somewhere deep between the third and fourth cushions of the couch, stoned “out of yer damn gourd”.

You can watch the video above, and hear the Water Pressure EP in its entirety on Zula’s Bandcamp.