Shere Disraeli, “Coffee and Weed”


Treat yoself.


Meredith Schneider | August 29, 2016

Shere Disraeli is an Israeli songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who was raised as part of a musically-inclined family in Los Angeles. The result of his time being raised on a free jazz musician’s commune, and his propensity for the arts, is a beautifully diverse and soulful sound. His most recent single, “Coffee and Weed”, is a self love track you’re bound to love.

I’m not sure what you think of when you see the title “Coffee and Weed”, but I was floored by this song. It’s a slow tempo song that has a slight Eric Clapton edge to it, gorgeous in its guitar composition. He almost makes it sound like a love song, but it’s more of a love song to himself. It’s a total “treat yoself” song, and we are completely on board with the sentiment – and the sound – that he delivers.

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