B. Dolan collabs with Alias

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Blake Gillespie | January 27, 2010

b. dolan

Strange Famous Recordings artist B. Dolan teams up with Anticon producer Alias for his sophomore record.

B. Dolan's Fallen House, Sunken City is produced entirely by Alias. The project is a departure for each artist as Alias spent the latter years of his career making ambient electronic folk pop with sultry female vocalists and B. Dolan began as a slam poet. Dolan's career shifted with a signing Strange Famous and the re-release of his debut The Failure in '08.

With Fallen House, Sunken City the two set out to create a bass-heavy boom bap breaks record with politically charged spit fire, flipping Milk D and EPMD colloquialisms towards his activist slant. Even Paul Simon gets the shift on “Fifty Ways To Bleed Your Customer.” The record features guest appearances by P.O.S. and Cadence Weapon.

Fallen House, Sunken City is out March 2 on Strange Famous Records.

B. Dolan, “Fifty Ways to Bleed Your Customer”

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