Death Bomb Arc 10 Year Anniversary Comp

Ari Spool

Hard to believe it's been ten years since 2002. Imagine the scene: we haven't yet invaded Iraq; the winter Olympics are in Salt Lake City; the Euro becomes the only legal currency in the EU; Billy Wilder and Dudley Moore die on the same day; Death Bomb Arc, a constant source of Southern Cali DIY recordings, is founded. Wow, when you look into the past it's like seeing the future! Imagine if we had known then what we know now.

Anyways, to celebrate the anniversary, Death Bomb Arc is releasing for free download a great comp of cover songs by friends of the label covering their favorite releases, including Captain Ahab covering Poingly's “Where My Dogs At?” and Gang Wizard doing an epic version of YumaDudes' “That's a Pretty Big Fucking Lake You Got There, Africa”, a total classic. You can download the eight song file hi-res from this really trippy page with art by Isaac Hicks (or just stream it there if you are firewalled). They are going to continue to update the comp, so check back for more tracks throughout the year. Also, they have a nice new website where you can comb the even 100 releases that make up their full discography. Hooray for longevity!!

Download the comp.

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