Gold Dime, “Easy”

JP Basileo

Coming from a background of noise punk, the notion of “easy going” might seem on the more unachievable side of things. Gold Dime, the new undertaking of Andriya Ambro (formerly of Talk Normal), proves this with their first single simply titled, “Easy.” The track is the first of their debut LP, Nerves, out June 2 on Fire Talk Records, and it acts as a complicated, yet accessible introduction, and consequent mission statement, for the trio. Rumbling percussion and skittish bass, almost tribal in nature, shake the ground on which you walk, a somewhat ominous offering to somewhat ominous deities. A flare of fuzzy guitar rockets through the air in response to the humble invocations laid out in rhythm, and Ambro’s animated vocal harmonies belt a ballad of independence and it’s made immediately clear we’re not in this for the “ease” of it. The song goes on to ebb, the guitars dissipating and leaving behind a chemtrail of piercing feedback and haze, and it all builds back bigger than ever, and then ebbs again. The instruments fade to a whisper, never fully going away, and the vocals are left to start a chant that will see the track to its finish. It all back back to full force, fuller than ever before, like the exiting of the tide only to return with a tsunami. But instead of fear and dread, there’s a definite resolve in it. It’s a rebirth of sorts, a washing over. Meet the new you.

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