Mating Ritual, “How You Gonna Stop It?”

Meredith Schneider

Electro-indie pop act Mating Ritual – the brainchild of multi-talented Ryan Marshall Lawhon – is coming off a high with his critically acclaimed 2016 self-titled debut EP. And now he’s back for more. Check out the exclusive premiere of his new track “How You Gonna Stop It?”

A fun, upbeat melody, a cacophony of intense electronic sound, and the vocals set in, intricately woven around the music. At times, his raspy voice takes on a more rap-style vocal, and you couldn’t keep up if you tried. The words “How You Gonna Stop It?” give a surprisingly positive nod around lyrics like “This party sucks, but where else do you gotta be tonight?”

Ryan himself had quite a bit to say about the track.

The inspiration for “How You Gonna Stop It?” came when a friend I hadn’t seen in some time invited me out for a drink. While I’m all for healthy lifestyles and anyone’s right to drink or not drink at their own discretion, I find it rude to invite someone to a place where the only purchasable item is alcohol and order water/insist I drink alone, just so your Instagram followers can see that you’re “out” and having “fun”. We could have gone to a coffee shop, a movie, my apartment, literally anywhere else. I felt bad for my friend, who was so clearly wrapped up in maintaining a curated social media presence that they couldn’t enjoy 150 calories with a friend they hadn’t seen in a year. We’re all getting older and if the last 5 years have been a reliable forecast, hangovers will unbearable by the time we stop caring how many double taps our posts get, so let’s tie one on while our bodies can take it.

Get ready to party with Mating Ritual.

Mating Ritual will be touring in 2017, so keep a look our for dates via Facebook and

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