Megosh, Apostasy [Exclusive Stream]

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On the brink of something bigger than themselves, Megosh have been grinding away the long, 6+ months between finishing their recording and the Dec. 16th release of their album, Apostasy. A 14-track, genre-melting prelude to enlightenment itself, Apostasy has been on Impose’s radar for months. In great thanks to Megosh, and Outerloop Records, we’re very excited to offer the exclusive, early-access stream of their new album!

We hope you enjoy the stream and our review of this impassioned beauty.

“Checkerboards & Cigarettes”

As an indication of quality, there likely wasn’t a better way to edge out this beast of a creation. “Checkerboards & Cigarettes” lands as one of our album favorites, channeling vocals that remind us of Fall Out Boy at times, covered in bleeding-edge guitar work. Lyrically interesting, casual chats about human nature transcend the normal noise found in any song as of late.

“I Stole From The Dead”

One of the earlier releases to promote Apostasy, the all-too-often but apparent influence of Coheed & Cambria surfaces here. Worth pointing out is that no one seems to be left out of the vocals, leveraging the immense talent of this group at every step. Lighter verses leave a delicate touch, inherently meaningful, before transitioning into a ballad-like calling.

“Carrying Fire”

Acoustics, anyone? Sitting on the edge of your seat, you sit waiting on a soft build, leading into an intensely emotional ride, before everything gets cranked up to 11. Seeming more introspective, “Carrying Fire” has an internal conflict, played out in a dual of vocals, about 2/3rds of the way through the track, that lands as a top piece of this ride.

“Waste of Me”

Quickly, this crackling, wild-west journey finds traction in its somehow conversational tone, sitting on the fringes of emotion, settling in with some of their best instrumental work in Apostasy.


Atmospheric touches point all fingers toward the influence of Megosh’s stay in a cabin on a Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina. While creating many of these songs, we’d go out on a limb to say “Buffalo!” was one of the 9-tracks that found its way into the world there. (Background story here.)

“War Drums”

This guitar heavy anthem, rounding out their massive, sophomore album, is existential at its core. Even as a psychological thriller, it’s got a surprise ending as the credits roll.


Certain to find its way into our end-of-year listings, Apostasy is an inspired creation, formed in the jagged rocks of what their music can be in its most raw, socially withdrawn roots.

Did you love the album? You can pre-order it to support the incredible work Megosh put into it at any of the following places: iTunes, Bundles One, Two, Three, FourAmazon, Google Play.

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