Whispertown, “I’m A Man”

Emily Chu

Whispertown is the moniker of LA based artist, Morgan Meyn Nagler. She’s a songwriter, guitarist, and lead vocalist, and paired with a revolving cast of musicians, Whispertown was born. They’ve recently just released a new track, and we have the exclusive premiere for you to check out.

The track is called “I’m A Man.” This track is from Whispertown’s upcoming album, also titled I’m A Man. The record is set to be released on September 1st, via Graveface records. Regard this track, Nagler says:

I’M A MAN is an underground anthem for human beings.  In a modern world built on comfort and convenience, where humans are becoming more and more isolated, living inside flat glass screens with a fickle and false sense of community, there comes a time to break out. I hope it will not be too late. In this pivotal moment, one foot in the quicksand, I reach out to all, holding space for this hope. I reach out not as a gender, or a skin tone. Not as a political party, or a religion. Not as an age or as an avatar, but as a man. A human. All for one and one for all. At the risk of sounding like a hippie optimist (which I am), love is all you need.  Team Human. New Genes in Blue Jeans. We can change. In fact we are in a constant state of change. Empathy can turn the tides.

Check out this track below, and be sure to look out for Whispertown’s upcoming album.


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